Who is Nicolas Gramnea?

Hello! 👋

  • I love marketing;
  • Co-founder of itconvert.com;
  • Editor of the book “Reto Empleo 30 Días“;
  • At 21 I started a construction company;
  • I was born in Romania, I worked for 2 years in UK, now I live in Barcelona;
  • I like to write, train and read;

I believe in “suffering” now, doing the things that are hard.

…but live a life without regrets later on.

This mantra gives me the opportunity to “give it a try” to a lot of things, find what I like and what I don’t.

Failure can be painful, disappointing and it hurts.

But regrets… are deadly!

The “what if” it will hunt you down till the last day of your life.

So, this blog is the place where I document my journey.

Despite my young age, I had a childhood which can be compared to your grandparent, probably—without the WW2 part.

…this is (some) of my story!


I was born in a small town in Romania. (Caracal)

During my childhood I have not had hot water, colored TV, a PC, internet, or stable electricity connection until the age of 14.

However, this did not prevent me from being a very happy child.

I loved studying and playing different sports.

My childhood was amazing, even if I had to study at the candlelight.

However, Everything Will Change On The Heartbreaking Day of 3 May 2008

I was 14 years old.

My parents got a divorce.

This event was catastrophic for me… mentally, physically and financially.

It quickly became noticeable – my school grades dropped, my happiness disappeared, and I began to question the purpose of life.

You want me to tell you how much it s@cks to hand-wash your clothes when you’re a teenager?

Or how embarrassing it is to go to school in the same clothes day after day?

Or about the winter days of -20 °C (-4 °F) that I had to walk 5 km, in the snow, to go to school and to the work?

My Life Will Change Again, Quite A Lot on 2012 at The Age of 18

Último día en Rumanía

When I moved to the UK, to work on a farm, picking strawberries.

It was a tough work environment, but it didn’t scare me, because in Romania I worked in factories, construction and digging the ground every year to plant crops.

It can not be that difficult to work in a farm, in another country…?


WRONG!! Wait – let me explain.

Here I had some serious military training — you had about 7 minutes to change your clothes when it rained on you…

…or you could not go back to the field, and they will NOT pay you that day.

The day starts at 4 in the morning, and I was doing an 11 hours work shift of speed crawling to pick strawberries.

In the good weeks I would pick up a TON (1000KG) of strawberries.

It was hard work, but it made me a very nice @ss! 😂

My GF told me. So, it was worth it.

Crazy CHANGE on 11 July 2015


At 21, I came to Barcelona, where I currently live.

Here I started my real business journey.

After trying many projects, I realized that I need marketing and copywriting if I want to sell something.

This is when all my obsession began.

It was very hard, because …

I was an introvert, I came from a small town and I didn’t know Spanish.

Anyway, after many projects, failures and successes, I can say that now I am a much stronger and a much happier person.

My mentality changed 720º.

The village boy who left his country is now gone, forever.

I can’t believe how many things can change in such a short time.

Today I live in one of the nicest cities on the planet, Barcelona, with the beach nearby (10 minutes away) and a wide variety of activities.

I am the co-founder of a company, I’m the editor of a book, I impact positive other’s people live, and I am developing a career.

Oh, before you go…

My last quick notes.

First, I attribute all my success to Joana – I don’t know where I would be without her. 

Thank you.

Lastly, I want to thank you for taking the time to read my story.

Wrapping Up!

Toca para voltear

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