How To Start Attracting Good Clients

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Do you want more and better clients?

Do you want to grow your business?


Read very carefully this article to:

  • Avoid my mistake;
  • Get $15000 worth of information, for free;
  • Enjoy working with your future clients;

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11:57pm Friday night.

I hate this. Why can’t I stop it and go to sleep?

The muscles in my legs ache, and my back starts to hurt. I have a sick feeling in my stomach and my pulse it’s rising, but I’m not sick.

I WISH that I had a boss, so he could fire me…

…and end this nightmare!

How Have I Gotten Here?

Just a few years passed since I had “officially” become an entrepreneur and launched my own company. And despite a lot of mistakes along the way, I had learned a few tricks and experienced some success…

…but for some reason, I was miserable.


I was feeling that something, definitely, was wrong with my business, and I wanted to figure out what it was.

One day, while shuffling through the bookshelf, I found this book.

Quite nervously, I open it, hoping that this time I’ll find an answer.

And there it was.

On the page 14, somewhere in the middle, was written these two words:


Who? || Result?

Ask yourself, “WHO is the person I really want to work with?”.

Up to this point in my business, I had been trying to sell to anyone and everyone I could.

While this “strategy” might sounds smart, overtime it will make you tired, frustrated, and it will force you dealing with people who command “It’s your job to assist me, even if it’s 11:57pm.”

After you found the WHO you would want to work with, start to think about the RESULT you would want to give them.

Ask yourself, “How could I serve my customer at the highest level?”

It’s not through a product or service.

Rather, it is by giving them a result that would change their lives.

A few minutes later, I write (using my ugly handwriting skills), on the board, two more words:

Where? || Bait?

Ask yourself, “WHERE are these people? How can I find them online?”

Ask yourself, “What type of BAIT can I create to attract my dream client and repel everyone else?”

These 4 questions are the outline of what Russell Brunson calls…

“The Secret Formula”, and it’s really the first step that you HAVE to take before you can start or grow any company.

I have a confession to make…

I “knew” this exercise for a long time now, but I never took the time to actually doing it.



The secret formula consists of four simple questions.

Don’t get fooled by the word “simple”.

Businesses pay upwards to $15000 over a period of 6 months to have someone implement this formula for them…

…and to have scripts written by using methodologies that you’ll find inside this blog.

Now, while you may don’t want to pay anywhere near $15000…

I recommend you treat this article and all other articles you find on this blog as if you did invest the full amount.

If you do, you’ll get a lot more out of the process.

Okay, let me walk you through this exercise!


Question #1: Who is your Dream Client?

The first question you have to ask yourself is…

Who do I actually want to work with?

Most of us start with a product idea, never thinking about whom we want as clients, customers, vendors, and associates.

These are the people you’ll be interacting with day in and day out.

You’ll probably spend more time with these people than with your own friends and family.

Isn’t that crazy, or what?!?

If you’re just getting started, this may not seem important, and it may look booooring to you.

But I promise you that if you don’t consciously choose your dream client…

…one day you’ll wake up, like I did, working with people who exhaust you and wishing that someone could fire you from the business you created.

After I had some success from launching my first company, a lot of people started asking me how I was making money.

Because there it was demand, I thought it would be fun to personally take the time and help others start their own business.

Oh my god! what a mistake 🙁

The good thing was that there were a LOT of people who wanted to start businesses.

But the downside was that most of them didn’t have any money.

And most had no business experience, so I had to spend tons of time on doing work for disrespectful and unmotivated people.

I had so much more to offer…

…showing them how to become more productive and focused, how to improve customer experience and how to create better systems.

You know, things that really grow a business!!

But most of my time was wasted on showing them how to buy a domain, set up hosting and installing plugins.

Doing all this effort, to only find out that they will give up in a couple of weeks, and never again answering me back. (because of shame I guess)

I literally spent 2 years serving these customers, and I was unhappy.

It took years before I sat back and actually thought about the WHO.

I realized that I had overlooked some pretty basic business principles.

  • Who are my dream clients?
  • What do they look like?
  • What are they passionate about?
  • What are their goals, dreams, and desires?

After about a week of thinking about the WHO questions…

I kept following the exercise and I created two customer avatars:

…to work with on a daily basis.

I picked two names and this is the quick overview:

Then I went to Google images and typed in ANA and the characteristics I had written out. Within minutes, I found a picture that looked like the women in my mind.

I printed it out and hung it on the wall.

I did the same for JOHN, and within minutes, I had both pictures of my dream clients hanging on my wall.

This may seem like a silly exercise, but…

It’s a very similar lesson that Noah Kagan preaches if you want to grow your business beyond 8 figures.

If two (2) or more smart people do the same thing…
DO IT YOURSELF, without questioning.
-Nicolas Gramnea

Really spend some time thinking about whom you want to work with.

Write out their characteristics and then go find an actual picture to represent them.

It’s amazing how your perspective changes when you have a physical picture of your ideal customer — instead of a blurring, half-formed image in your head.


Question #2: Where Can You Find Them?

The second question you have to ask yourself is…

Where can I find online these men and women?

  • Where do they hang out online?
  • Are they on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram?
  • What groups are they part of?
  • What email newsletters do they subscribe to?
  • What blogs do they read?
  • What other interests do they have?
  • Do they like sports or the arts?

If you don’t know the who, it will be hard to find out where your ideal client can be found.


Question #3: What Bait Will You Use?

The third question you have to ask yourself is…

What bait I have to give to attract them?

Once we know where the dream clients are, we have to create the right bait to attract them.

Your bait could be a physical book, a PDF, a private community invitation, a consultation call, an audio recording or a video…

Anything that makes them to pay attention, will work!

As I moved away from talking to complete beginners and towards attracting more savvy entrepreneurs, my first challenge was to create a new bait that would attract “Ana” and “John”.

So, I came up with the idea of creating Nic’s Newsletter and have this bonus when people subscribe:

9 Proven Marketing Strategies To Exponentially Grow Your Client Base
Without Using Paid Traffic or Social Media

This bait works great, because most beginners don’t have a client base.

But I KNEW that Ana and John would be interested in knowing how they can take their business to the next level.


Question #4: What Results They Get?

Now that you’ve hooked up 😉 your client with the perfect bait, it’s time to ask yourself the 4th question, which is the last one.

What results do you want to give them?

I’m not talking about what product or service you want to sell them.

A business is NOT about products and services.

A business is about what result you can get for your clients, and how you can improve their life.

Once everyone understands this concept, the price is no longer a barrier.

iPhone’ users… *cough* *cough*

Imagine that your clients could pay you anything to get a desired result.

What, then, would you do to help guarantee their success?

Where would you lead them? What does that place look like?

Keep that place in your mind; it’s the peak success for your clients.

It’s where you want to take them, and it’s the key to this last step.

That’s it.



Maybe this exercise looks simple to you…

…but it is essential if you want to achieve great success and have fun when dealing with clients.

So, take a few minutes now and really answer these four questions.

  1. Who are your dream clients?
  2. Where can you find them?
  3. What bait will you use to attract them?
  4. What result do you want to give them?

P.S. This exercise, it’s from Russell Brunson.

Before doing it, I had a vague idea of who it is my client, as everyone else.

But I never actually took the time to clarify my dream client, until the day I felt drained, stressed and like giving up!

I strongly encourage you to go through this exercise and do it now, before getting to a stage where you…

Feel stuck and like giving up. You can do it!

P.P.S. If you are running a massive advertising campaign, and you want to get the best possible ROI, go deeper into your customer brain.

Below you have a compilation of my favorite 40+ simple questions, you can answer to discover more about your dream clients.

Who is your prospect?

  • How old is he?
  • What does he do for a living?
  • Is he married?
  • Does he have kids?
  • Does he have a girlfriend?
  • How much money is he earning?
  • Where is he living?
  • What does his place look like?
  • What kind of neighborhood does he live in?
  • What are his frustrations?
  • What does he want to change?
  • Why does he want to get this area of his life handled?
  • What is motivating him to find a solution?

What are his biggest three triggers?

  • What keeps him awake at night?
  • What’s the stuff that really tears his soul?
    • Hint #1 – think about the things he’s afraid to even admit to his friends or to himself.
    • Hint #2 – Think if this is a dream (move towards) or a fear (moving away). Generally, it is fear.
  • How is this affecting him? It is something he thinks about all the time, or just something casual?

What are his biggest fears?

  • What are all his fears?
    • Hint – fears are the small things that bother him, while the triggers are big and don’t let him sleep.

What is his dream?

  • What’s his ideal life?
  • How will his life look like if everything has gone perfectly for him, especially around the area your product solves?
    • Hint – think in irrational terms.

What is his nightmare?

  • What’s the worst that can happen to your customer if he doesn’t buy your product?
    • Hint #1 – Go deep and irrational.
    • Hint #2 – Focus on how bad it can get and build your copy around it.

What are his objections?

  • What objections does he have?
    • Hint – From the research you did, find the reasons why he doesn’t buy products similar to yours.

Why have you created your product?

  • What are ten (10) reasons you’ve created your product?

What are the main benefits of your product?

  • What is your product going to do for him?

What will he gain after going through your product?

  • What are all the things and feelings he’ll gain from investing in your product?
    • Hint – These are the benefits.

What is your proof?

  • Why should he listen to you?
  • What are all the reasons why you’re an expert?
  • Why should he buy your product and not from the competition?
  • Why should he buy it in the first place?

Who is your product created for?

  • Who needs your product? Make a list long.
  • Who doesn’t need your product? Make a list short.
    • Hint – Create contrast between who needs it and who doesn’t

What tasty advice can you give away?

  • How are you planning to move the free line to get him hooked?

What is your value proposition?

  • What is he going to consume?
  • What time and effort he’s going to put in?
  • What are the three big benefit-oriented results he’ll get?

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