The “Great Resignation” is here

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The biggest benefit that COVID-19 gave us, is TIME.

Time that all of us needed to reflect about our lives. It taught us to appreciate more what we have and really think about our future.

Today I received this email from @AndrewSeaman where he was asking for my opinion about #TheBigShift.

This resonated so much with me, because I’m one of the current workforce generation…

…which it might be the most well-educated of the generations so far, but also seem to be overqualified for the jobs we are doing. (source: Deloitte and Forbes)

This was not any more just about me, it was about our future.

So, I put my pants of big-boy on and started to ask smarter people than me, “What’s your best advice?”

@joanagherz, @rferraro2000, @vladilie got back to me, and their answers are AMAZING.

These are the best advices if you want to find a great workplace.

Joana Garcia’s advice

I encourage you to change and improve your life, even if the career you want to pursue asks for a lot of requirements.

Take the step!!

Believe in yourself and your ability to learn.

Here are 9 tips that will help you find your dream job:

  • It is often said that in the curriculum, you have to lie or exaggerate…

I totally disagree. You should never invent your “last job position” or “add expertises” that you don’t have.

Your reputation is on the table.

  • When you apply for a job offer, on your CV underline the tasks and responsibility that you had in the past and are related to the position you want to work on.
  • On the interviews, always highlight your energy, passion and your strong desire to learn new things.
  • Keep your curriculum updated.

Make a habit of having a note on your phone where you write your accomplishments. (when they happen)

It is not easy to remember years of work, in a single day, when you’re in front of a blank Google Docs.

  • Have a LinkedIn profile where you ask for recommendations whenever you have the opportunity.
  • Consider taking a course or training that’s requested by the sector.
  • Be a detective.

When you apply to a new position, learn about the company you want to work on. Find about their history, their goals and discover real interview questions on Glassdoor and Indeed.

Your employer will appreciate the effort, and you’ll stand out from the crowd.

  • Adapt your CV and cover letter to each job position.
  • And lastly. Be constantly trying new things if you want to discover your passion.

[Nic] That was such a thoughtful explanation.

What do you think about Joana’s advice?

Now that we are talking about passion…

Let’s see Richard’s take on it.

Richard Ferraro’s advice

Follow your passion and do something that doesn’t feel like “work”.

Choose a career that is truly aligned to what you enjoy and are good at… the principle of Ikigai is very important, now more than ever.

[Nic] I’m personally so fortunate that I found my passion early on in life.

What about you?

Do you believe that finding your passion is possible, or you think it is something impossible to achieve?

Vlad Ilie’s advice

Long story short: have a plan.

Either you choose to start your own business or switch to a new job, you need to plan ahead.

You must clearly know where you are, what’s your current level of knowledge, what you want to learn and what is the way you will follow.

Make a decision.

Without a clear perspective, you will be constantly in an unclear situation.

You will procrastinate a lot, and you will give yourself way too much free time. Time which can be used for growing yourself, instead.

You don’t want to end up in frustration and on a road that goes nowhere.

The recalibration will cost you time, money and health.

[Nic] Making a decision is a very tough thing to do, but it’s absolutely necessary if we want to change our lives.

What’s your take on Vlad’s advice?

Here’s my advice.

  • Always give 110%.

I don’t care if you’re cleaning dishes, brush the floor, or you manage a team of 50 people. Give your best on every. single. task.

  • Seek clarity.

If you ever want to experience mental relax and be happy, take a step back and reflect on your life. Create a crystal clear path for yourself, and be sincere about who YOU are and what YOU want.

Ignore your parents wishes, your friends and school teachers.

Choose to live your life!

  • Be constantly learning new things.
  • Be curious.

Your new goal in life should be this:

  • Discover your full potential!

Which is much much higher than you’ll ever imagine.

I promise you that.

When you do this, your world will completely change.

Other people’s opinion will not hurt you anymore, and you’ll no more compare yourself with anyone.

Become excited about your own future.

Now, go out and take that step you always wanted to take.

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