What’s Your Irresistible Offer?

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Read this article today to learn how to quickly sell your services or products to anyone, without being a snake oil salesman.

So, this is a concept that is one of the least understood, yet one of the most important. Most business owners ignore the most basic rules of direct marketing: designing irresistible offers.

You spend all these years to create a fantastic service and products, but you never bother to create compelling reasons for prospects to buy from you.

(PS: “Our service is better” is not a reason to be trusted and selling more)

Direct Marketing 101

In direct marketing, there’s a rule of thumb that says that the response you get to any marketing activity will be driven by three elements: your list, your creative and your offer.

  • 20% of your response is determined by the quality of your creative
  • 40% is determined by your prospect list
  • 40% is the result of your offer

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While most companies will cry over every word in their sales letter, and make tweak after tweak to the look of their sales pages, they pay little or no attention to the quality of the list or their offers.

Yet, even lousy creative when sent to the right people with the right offer will outperform beautiful materials sent to the wrong people or with the wrong offer.

Simply put, to drive more sales, start making better offers!

No One Needs Your Services

Wait… before you dismiss this article as being written by some mindless idiot, think about what your clients really buy.

Yes, they may purchase your web design and AD management services, but what do they really want?

Think of it this way… You go into the local Home Depot and you purchase a one-quarter inch drill bit.

Now, is that hunk of metal what you really want?

Of course not; what you want is a quarter-inch hole, but they don’t sell those!

When it comes to creating compelling offers, the secret is to first find out from your clients what kinds of holes they need. If you haven’t done so recently, schedule some time with your top clients and ask them:

  • What is it that we really do for you?
  • What problems do we help you solve?
  • How do our services help your business be more successful?
  • How do we help you be successful?

Once you’ve determined the kinds of problems you solve, and the real value you offer, creating great offers becomes much easier.

“…But wait, that’s not all!!!”

Want to learn the secret to creating irresistible offers? Watch infomercials!

Love ’em or hate ’em, infomercials work.

An effective infomercial will do the following:

  • Get viewers to identify with a problem, frustration or desire.
  • Create emotional excitement (i.e, a feeling of “I have to have this”).
  • Build up the perceived value of their product through comparisons (i.e., how much would you expect to pay? Or other company’s charge hundreds for this type of product).
  • Reduce the perception of cost through a payment plan (3 payments of $19.95 sounds way less than $59.85).
  • Expand the value of their product bundle offer by adding free extras.

Emotions, Money and Value

While infomercial style offers may not be exactly right for your business, you can (and should) learn from them.

Make sure your prospects are emotionally connected to the problems you solve and value you offer. In your marketing, highlight the problems people have that your services can solve.

Make your offers exciting. With the right wording, your offers will sound irresistible. For example, which sounds more appealing: “an article with sample interview questions” or “The 10 Most Important Interview Questions Companies Fail to Ask?”

Find ways to be creative about the financing. Can you offer installment payment plans, deferred payment, or other financing options that would make your services more affordable to prospects?

Beef up your value. For example, consider longer guarantees, better orientation, free training hours for long-term assignments, special assessment testing, or free information that could help clients to be more successful in using your services. The key is to find extras that have low-cost and high perceived value.

Be Smart About it!

Unlike infomercials, when it comes to selling marketing services, your offer may not be a direct pitch for your $5000 monthly retainer. Rarely will you send a marketing piece that results in a client using this CTA.

Instead, make offers that will help you land appointments and deepen relationships with existing prospects and clients.

The best offers for marketing agencies can be (guides, booklets, articles) and offers for education (seminars, webinars). This will show your expertise and create trust before the client makes a higher commitment.

So… What is an offer?

An offer is not a product!

For example, if you’re selling supplements… there are hundreds of people selling the exact same product as you on Amazon.

So, you can bundle things together and create an offer.

If they are just selling a supplement bottle, it’s only worth what that thing is, and people will shop around to figure out which one is the cheapest option.

If you’re selling a supplement bottle + weight loss guide + calories tracking.

Now, these are things bundled together to create an offer, and now it’s waaay more valuable than the guy who is selling JUST supplement bottles.

DO NOT go crazy!

An irresistible offer is a package of products/ services with a perceived value five to ten times greater than the actual price.

A deal that your client have to have it.

Be careful.

You don’t want to go too overboard with this. Too many items will overwhelm your client.


There is this famous AD experiment where this guy was advertising, “For every $1 you give me, I’ll give you back $1000.”

Nobody contacted him.

It’s too unrealistic.

7 key elements that every irresistible offer must have!

1.) Make your Guarantee a no risk.

o Remove the risk from your client and put it on your shoulders;
o Give a double or triple guarantee;
o Convey confidence and credibility;

▪ Domino’s famous claim: 30 minutes or less, or it’s free.


2.) Hidden benefit – so what? – Knowing this, you are able to do that.

o Bad: “How to read financial statements.”
o Better: “How to maximize your profits in minimum time.”


3.) Promise to your customer what they want and give them what they really need

o Need: “We teach you how to run better ADS.”
o Want: “We give you 3 different AD templates. You just need to edit and press publish.”


4.) Focus on selling solutions and results. Big Promise.

o Good: “Stop smoking now!” / “End procrastination now!”


5.) Find your logical reason “why” it is discounted

o Bad: “20% OFF.” — without any reason.
o Good: “Women Day.” / “Men Day.” / “New Year.” / “Black Friday.”


6.) Use real Scarcity and Urgency. Numbers & Deadlines

o Normal: Numbers -“only 10 left in stock.” / Deadlines – “the sale ends on 30 July.”
o Better: “Only 10 left in stock, the sale ends on 30 July.”


7.) Special payment plans. Be careful here. If your clients get confused, they will not buy.

o Single-pay;
o Multiple payments;
o Single-pay incentive;
o Try before you buy;

Bad: One payment of $900;
Meeh: $900 – 3 payments of $300 or One payment $900;
Better (single-pay incentive): $900 – 3 payments of $300 or One payment of $750. Save $150 Today;

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